Frequently Asked Question

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Company Registration

BitLuna is an advertising network platform.

What is BitLuna

We are a group of people that created a ariety of website that bought together is trying to increase the potential of earned money online, our services stat from Coin Mining, Investment and much more.

How we are different

Having our own mining coin called Luna™ is bringing a lot of funds that are transactioned and exchanged in real time between our miners, beside that we have a lot of unique features in our website that will assure a long stable income opportunity and you don't have anything to lose, if you try us, in contrary you will only win.

How can you register

Registration is dead simple, only thing you have to do is to go on our registration page and complete the fields required, i bet it won't take you longer than 1 minute.

How can you earn

There are multiple ways in order to earn money on BitLuna, one of them is Mining LunaCoin and exchange it on our website or keep it and exchange it at a higher price between other members. Investing money and buy our shares, along with each share you will receive a Certificate of Investment that will guarantee your earnings for unlimited time, Playing Games on our website like the Weekly Jackpot and other games that can bring you up to 2000% return on the amount wagered.

What if i lost my details

Use the recovery form situated here, and you will receive your account details on the e-mail.

What is PINCode?

PINCode is an extra security layer that you can add to your account to make sure nobody beside you can access the account.

What processors can i use to Deposit?

You can use Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Paxum, AdvCash, BitCoin
Deposits are usually instantly processed, if you using BitCoin to deposit it can take up to 12 hours for the deposit to show in your account.

How can you mine LunaCoin

Any member can mine LunaCoin by downloading our Software and run it, mining usually is pretty fast! but as our miners will mine more and more the dificulty will incease also. Need help mining our support team can help you setup mining on your windows desktop usinf teamveiwer free of charge just ask us by sending us a support email regarding Luna setup.

Deposit Plans

Our Advertisement Deposit Plans are straight simple, you will receive Advertisement Credits to boost your website & sales and as a bonus you receive 2.5% Forever on your purchase ( minimum $10 ), keep in mind that due to our unique features of sharing the revenue on the website, you can earn less in time if you do not reinvest at all, for example luna system will determine if you pass 130% total return ( without repurchasing any funds ) you will still continue to earn forever but at a lower % than what you earned before reaching that step. Half of your daily earnings is distributed to you only if you click ads, the other half is passively given no matter if you click your daily required ads or not.

If you didn't received any profit for more than 3 days since the purchase let us know by sending a support ticket

Withdrawal time

You can request a withdrawal every 12 hours without any fees or limitation, all withdrawals will be processed instantly upon request. It is your responsability to check the account you requesting withdrawal too before pressing the submit button, as if you send it to a wrong account we won't be able to recover your funds for you.

If you using Payza you will only be able to request withdrawal to the account you used it first time to purchase.

Minimum Withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal is set to $1.00

How to become an Affiliate?

All users can be an affiliate under Promotional Tools & Banners Section in your account you will be able to find your Referral Link there, that link you need to use it and give it to other people so they can register under you.

How to become an Representative?

In order to become an Representative for your country you need to agree and following the below rules:

  • Help people that will contact you
  • Read & Understand our Policies
  • At least 18 years old
  • At least one Social Account or Phone Number

How deep the levels goes for referrals?

You can earn on 10 level deep system as following:

Power Network Levels

LUNA Byte - 4% : 1% : 1% ( 3 levels deep ) - No Requirements

LUNA Kilobyte - 5% : 2% : 1% : 1% ( 4 levels deep ) - You require to have down all your network at least 10 users and 1,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

LUNA Megabyte - 6% : 3% : 1% : 1% : 1% ( 5 levels deep ) - You require to have down all your network at least 30 users and 10,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

LUNA Gigabyte - 8% : 3% : 2% : 1% : 1% : 1% ( 6 levels deep ) - You require to have down all your network at least 300 users and 100,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

LUNA Terebyte - 10% : 5% : 2% : 2% : 1% : 1% : 1% : 1% ( 8 levels deep ) - You require to have down all your network at least 1000 users and 1,000,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

LUNA Petabyte - 15% : 8% : 3% : 2% : 2% : 1% : 1% : 1% : 1% : 1% ( 10 levels deep ) - You require to have down all your network at least 1000 users and 10,000,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

Representatives will receive a bonus top of 4% on 1st tier, 1% on 2nd tier, 1% on 3rd tier on the values shown.

Good to know

Once Bitluna has officially launched! users will only be able to register if they have been invited or referrer by a member that are already registered on

Bitluna Structure
We are a team of dedicated hard working individuals that strives hard to make one of the biggest multi money making platform program for life, Luna brings you one step close to helping you to make money with different earning methods online.

1.Instant Payment transfer, Crypto-Currency, Online shopping, Internet Services, Marketing & Advertising, Donations, High Security tier level, This means you can start accepting payments under Luna Wallet on your website at a very low % fee.

2.Lunacoin bringing you a hybrid coin Pos/Pow to mine with ease, LUNA has 0 premined coins giving the chance to others to mine and sell.

Bitluna Security
1.We believe in security always to keep our client accounts safe and secure, online encryption by comodo 128Bit SSL is most widely used. Bitluna not just offers Comodo security luna has additional security like pin transaction date of birth verification and so on.

2.DDOS, SQLI & XSS We are well prepared for any ddos attacks! Any type of attack are welcome we will outstand any attack.


Redundant Servers
1.Redundant ServerWe have multiple backup servers to balance high load traffic helping to keep 100% uptime.

2.Our dedicated servers are highly secured running the fastest webservers with high end firewall, Luna keeps real time sync backups just incase we have power failure on one server the other server will trip, We have multiple servers just incase one server goes down the other is up! this means 100% Uptime.

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